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What's New! LogBook

31.Aug.00: Plz, step back in Time with me and take a Look Back at four main Home Page Screens that were created over the past 2 years... MKoD v1.0 (Sept. '98), MKoD v2.0 (Nov. '98), MKoD_v3.0 (Jan. '99) and MKoD_v4.0 (late Aug. '99) . new midi and an updated link to Josa's Fantasy Central art HP. See Ya! :))

11.Jul.00: A new midi and an updated link to Josa's Fantasy Central art HP. See Ya! :))

29.May.00: Changed my Main Page mid again. I sure hope everyone is enjoying Spring...I don't know about you, but I love it when it Rains! Take Care! :))

22.Apr.00: Have A Wonderful Easter Day!!, and please remember that it's about the death and resurrection of GOD's son "Jesus the Christ" and not about some cute Rabbit laying colored eggs (which is totally impossible!! Ya Know!) Also, I changed to a new midi, and fixed two existing Art for K's "Poco A Poco" HP that has changed it's name to "Poco2 ~ Lacey Blue" and which moved to another site, and for Akane's "Petit Pois" HP which has moved yet again :))

I'm still very busy working, but I do plan to start updating again on a normal basis in the future.:)) Take Care 'n' GOD Bless!!!

17.Mar.00: Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I put in a new midi, and fixed two Art Link for Ryuuen's "Purple Pudding Productions" and Rei's "Ivory Dice." Sorry I haven't been updating this HP like I should...I've just been so very busy!!

14.Feb.00: Happy Valentine's Day!!, and don't forget to give a "Kiss 'n' Hug" to those you Love! Plus, I pray that God's Love may shine bright in your Heart 'n' Life!! ^^ Love.

15.Jan.00: (Updated the music.) I hope everyone had a Great Christmas 'n' a Happy New Year!! ^^

25.Dec.99: Merry Christmas Everyone!! ^__^ Added a Christmas wish from C.A.M.A. Raderie into the ArtWorks\Seasonal Gifts section. May GOD Bless you everyone! ^^

06.Nov.99: Finally I've reached the end of my dreary tunnel, ...Thanks Goodest!! Soon I'll be back updating my Homepage every two weeks. ^_^ I want to thank all my suppporters who have visited me time 'n' time again...and for the first timers as well! ^^ Keep Smiling...GOD Loves Ya!!

(P.S. Opps!!! Sorr-we that my Guestbook disappeared suddenly a couple of months ago...I sorta deleted the links from the main page by mistake when I was doing the revamp. Since that time I was using my direct link to check on messages in the guestbook...I began wondering why no one wrote in it anymore?!? Till a few days ago I tried to use the missing links from within my main
page. ^^;; Plz, feel free to write in it once more! See-yas!)

04.Oct.99: Sorr-we I haven't updated in a month, I going thru some very hard times...Plz pray that I'll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. Needless to say I haven't anything to upload for this update, but I hope to soon! ^__^ Changed the main page music 'n' updated "Catnip Time" link.

30.Aug.99: I sure hope everyone likes to new re-vamped main homepage. I know, just yesterday I was saying that it would be months before I did any major changes, but I got some ideas ya see...'n' well, I just had to try them out! hehe!! ^^ Plz, give me some feedback! Also in just nine more days, this HP site will be enjoying it's first year on the web. I Guess I should at least write something about that....Ummm, we'll see. Take Care everyone 'n' GOD Bless!

29.Aug.99: Nothing new...just cleaning out my old ArtWorks to make room for new stuff and making some changes. Currently I've filled up my homepage storage area on it's time to delete. I'm planning a revamp of this site, but that may take months before it ever happens. Thanks for dropping by!! ^__^

Missing Logs for a few months (Mar.99 to Jul.00).

20.Feb.99: Well, I've been pretty busy making little changes here 'n' there...if ya visit me often you'll see them, but if not ya won't..."Tis not that Big a Deal!" :P

AnyWayz, the main thingys I did: I drew a "Welcome Back!!" ArtGift to send to Anne of whose lovely HP nearly closed forever in the later part of Jan. till the early part of Feb., Anne it's so "Great to see that ya re-Opened yer HP!!" ^^ And I've added Akane's after nearly 6 months of forgetfulness..."I thought I had added her Site months ago." (Maybe I shouldn't be so busy!) Sorr-we Akane for taking so long to notice my mistake. ^^;; Plus I replaced the Main Page ArtWork with a drawing I call "Newborn Angel" 'n' wishing everyone a very "Happy Chinese New Year!!"

13.Feb.99: WOW! I recieved three Wonderfully Lovely Gifts yesterday. A Great Valentine's Day Card from Ryuuen of , a Gorgeous painting of one of Kupi's characters from , and one very Cute B/W painting from Faerie of . Thanks so much Gals!! ^__^

11.Feb.99: HEY Guys 'n' Gals!! Valentine's Day this Sunday, so don't forget to tell the peoples you care about how you feel about them. Give them a *Hugz*, unless of course they're the touch-me-not types. ^^

Also, I added two new ArtGifts into the section, one to Faerie of (also I placed a link to her HP ^^) for her wonderful help in adding me in the "Anime Art Goddess WebRing" at Anime Art Goddess Webring, 'n' a second one to Ryuuen of for accepted my Art Request...I Luv giving as well as recieving! ^^

08.Feb.99: Added one new ArtGift to the section that I sent to Kupi of who's HP was formally known as . It's a drawing of one of her lovely characters called "Autumn Andromeche Evengeline."

04.Feb.99: Changed the main page image to wish everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day!!" Be sure to tell your Parents, Friends, 'n' if you have a Special someone that you "Luv Them!" ^_~

26.Jan.99: Plus I've added a new link to , Fukirie 'n' Imashiro's homepage, it has some very Beautiful 'n' Cute CGs. Tis worth a visit! ^^ (Japanese only!)

23.Jan.99: Placed a little more info into my Profile section, 'n' added a 7000th hits gift I drew to my NetPal Arianhrod of the to the "Lovely Gift" section.

18.Jan.99: I changed the main page character, and updated the "Lovely Gift" section. Kayano of painted a very beautiful image of "SpottedTiger" as request Art because I was her 6500th Guest to visit her homepage!! Thanks Kayano! ^_~

05.Jan.99: I decided to create a simplier main page...Plz let me know what you think of my changes so far. Thanks! (P.S. Happy New Year!!!)

04.Jan.99: With my new scanner, I'm beginning to expand the "ArtWorks" Section with drawing from my personal collection. ^^ Plz, check it out!

31.Dec.98: Today, I finally got a Scanner (a HP ScanJet 4100Cse), 'n' quickly scan, edited, 'n' upload 3 new Drawings (Older Drawings) placing them into the ArtWork section. I'll be adding more soon...but, I only had a few hours to play with today, so enjoy!! ^^ Have a Very Nice New Year tonight!!!

25.Dec.98: Merry Christmas Everyone!! ^__^ Well, for the past few days I've received three more Truly Lovely Christmas Gift Paintings from Karura AlanA (no Banner currently), Arianhrod , 'n' K . Placing them all into my "Lovely Gifts" section. Thanks a lot for the Gifts Gals!! ^_~

17.Dec.98: Today, I created a new section called "Lovely Gifts" after receiving a very Cute little "Christmas Gift" in my email from Ak . She did the Cutest little painting of "Santa Aeris and her Elf Tifa"...I just couldn't wait to put it up for everyone else to enjoy it as well!! hehe!! Thanks so very much Ak! *HugZ*

16.Dec.98: (Just a maintenance update this time.) Well, after many weeks of sadly watching an increasing load-time due to my counter, for it to only announce "a lot of" guest instead of a true vistor count...I decided to dump Tripod's lazy counter for LinkExchange's FastCounter. So far I'm very Happy with it, if anyone is having a similar problem, maybe a FastCounter is the way to go for you too! ^^ (FastCounter by LinkExchange ) Course, I'm not going to bore you with the other littler maintenance thingys I did, but LinkExchange made me promise to tell a couple of friends about this FastCounter. And since I'm so very Happy with it, I decided to tell everyone that reads this section about it! :P Take Care!

04.Dec.98: I've added a new section I call "Ripples," where I'm so excited to share portions of my thoughts I've written to my most dearest Friends over the past few years. Many whom now, have moved on to new jobs, or even into another State...all seemly trapped totally within this society's busy self-seeking race (shouldn't we keep in touch with our friends?!?), their lives reflecting as much, with all contract ceasing as our friendship transforms itself from a living relationship into a block of frozen memorys, who's very existence remains locked in Limbo. Not growing, nor Dying. But sadly, memorys have a tendency to decay over time. ^^;; Course, I'd like to end on a positive note..."this section is dedicated to my dearest Friends 'n' to Events, whether Future or Past!" GOD Bless them one 'n' all! ^_^ Plz, take the time to read through some of my thoughts.

24.Nov.98: I wrote a new Poem dedicated to a Great American Poetess of the 19th Century, Emily Dickinson, and placed it within the WrittenWorks section. Also, I've been very busy seeking out some really good Japanese Anime sites, adding only the best sites I've found, to my "Fave Sites" section. During my travels, I've noticed that after placing a nice comment about their site, that their BBS acts as both their GuestBook 'n' MessageBoard (plus, many of their BBSs don't seem to like my HTML code much either. :P opps!! To any Japanese Guest reading this...Sorry! ^^;;). AnyWayz, be "Extra Kind" to any Japanese Guests that may follow a link from me to you! ^__~ *HugZ*

16.Nov.98: Finally!! A banner for this Site. I'd be honored ^^ if ya would copy it, upload it to yer site, 'n' link it to:
Thanks so much...let me know 'n' I'll link to you!

11.Nov.98: Added a few more Links in the "Fave Links" section, of which I'm especially happy to have found a young poet's page in my travels upon the Web... Kupi's "Fly Away Little Angel" Plz stop by 'n' read some of her Powerful Poems, plus check out her ArtWorks as well, 'n' before you leave, be extra nice 'n' sign her GuestBook too! hehe!! ^^ Also I added some Magikal Girl Links into the Anime Section...I haven't gotten thingys together right now to do this page Justice, but in time I hope to! So hang in there with me...ok?!? ^^ (Today is my Daughter's 20th Birthday...WOW!! am I beginning to feel just a little old. :P O'well, at least I'm still young at heart. ^^)

05.Nov.98: Reformated all the Poems in the WrittenWorks section, changing fonts sizes and such...thingys just look better when they are consistent. Added two new Poems, put up a Diablo Tale, 'n' Links in the Diablo area. Still working hard (hehe!!)...PLZ come again!

02.Nov.98: I'm still working very hard to improve this Web Page..."but all good thingys take time." Added a Japanese music Midi, 'n' reworked the Main Page.

23.Oct.98: Added a link to Cat D.'s "Catnip Time" check out her cute page . She a Gifted little Writer and Artist.

17.Sep.98: Added a link to Arianhrod's "~* Little Art Box *~" Anime Style Art Page. She has a lot of Talent...PLZ! check it out . ^^

09.Sep.98: After two weeks of banging my head again the screen and my finger across the irovy keys upon the keyboard...I have my Web Page up and running. Added 9 Poems, a Short Story, 9 Drawings, and some Links setup.


(Note: I'm sure there are Tons of thingys I've done since 09.Sep.98 that I just plain lost track of! hehe!! Lucky You! ^^ Cya Round on the FlipSide.)