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* Lovely ArtGifts (Seasonal) *

  From: Christmas Gifts 1999

A Cute Christmas Gift / Wish from the CAMA! Thanks!, Cat Dreamer, Menmei, AC & Ari!! ^_^ Plz visit C.A.M.A. Raderie.

  From: Valentine's Day Gifts 1999

A Gift from Ryuuen, a very Lovely Valentine Wish to all her web friends. ^^ Thanks Ryuuen, tis very nice of you! Plz visit Purple Pudding Productions.

A Gift from Cat Dreamer 'n' Arianhrod, WOW!! another very Lovely Valentine Wish!. ^^ Thanks Cat 'n' Ari, I like it a lot!!! Plz visit Cat Dreamer's Catnip Time 'n' Arianhrod's semplice.
(formerly "Little Artbox" and "Black Wing").

  From: Christmas Gifts 1998
Santa Aeris and her elf Tifa Ak of Tsunami so kindly gave me this Beautiful Christmas Gift! ^___^ (I'm so happy!!! This is my very first Gift!) See her HomePage at Tsunami. (now called "The Bucket")

Karura left this Lovely Christmas Card in my GuestBook. ^^ Thanks Karura!! Plz, check out her HomePage at AlanA, 'n' don't forget to sign her Guestbook! ^^
My buddy Arianhrod, gave this very Cute little Christmas Card. ^_^ Thanks Ari!! And don't forget to paid her a visit at her HomePage the semplice. ^_~ (formerly "Little Artbox" and "Black Wing")
WOW!! K, sent me this BreathTaking little Christmas Card on Christmas Eve. ^_^ Thanks K!! *HugZ* Plz, stop by her HomePage at Poco A Poco. (Make your Wishes come True by capturing your own Star.)