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* Lovely ArtGifts *

  From:: Gifts from Others 1999

A Gift from Kayano, for being her 22,222nd HP Guest, a very beautiful painting of Final Fansty VII's Tifa. ^^ Please take the time 'n' drop-by her Lovely homepage. "Kayano's Gallery" is now 4-ever Closed! "Kayano may all your Dreams come True!!"

A most Wonderful Graduation ArtGift from Ari, tis a very nicely drawn and colored image of "Yuri" from the Anime series "Dirty Pair Flash!" One of my Fave characters...Thanks so much Ari. *HugZ* For more Sweet and simply dazzling Artwork visit semplice.
.(formerly "Little Art Box" / "Black Wing ")(

A Lovely CounterGift (my very first One! ^__^) from Kupi, to congrat my HP for by-passing 4000+ Hits! WOW!! and it looks so 3D-like. Thanks a Billion Kupi!! (I would've said, "Thanks a Million, but times have changed...a Million just doesn't sound as large as it used to. :P ) Visit her HP at Andromeche Evangeline..(formerly "Fly Away Little Angel")(

Another simply Lovely CounterGift (my second One ever! ^_~) from K, to congrat my HP for reaching 4304 Hits! KOOL! K, how did you know I liked Mermaids! Tehehe!! Thanks Ever so Much! Also and I'm happy you liked the drawing I did of your character "Josei the Unicorn" for the Aug '99 MAG entry. ^__^ Journey to her Magikal HP.
"Poco2 ~ Lacey Blue" is now Closed! (formerly "Poco A Poco")