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  My Friends' Sites:  
  Arianhrod's Cute Little Art Site. Visit often...'cause thingys change often, 'n' ya don't want to a miss thingy!
  Cat D is such a Gifted Writer & Artist. ^_~
(Make her day, by telling her so, in her GuestBook!!)
Art & Writing Works:  
Anime drawn CatGrrls & FoxGrrls.
Anime drawn works. (in Japanese only!)
Cute Anime drawn works.
Fan Fiction (Anime, TV, Movies...etc)

Kupi's Powerful Poems & Lovely ArtWorks. A place where Beauty 'n' Verse express themselves so well!! The HP name as now changed to "Andromeche Evangeline" formerly known as "Fly Away Little Angel."
Juan Gotoh Visual Workshop
Beautifully Drawn Alice in Wonderland ^^

Ak's Cutest FF7 FanArt & FanFics. (I really like the way she draws "Yuffle!" ^^) Site formerly known as "Tsunami"
K's Cutest Drawn ArtWorks & FanArt,
who still uses feltpen 'n' color pencils. (like me ^^)
Ryuuen's Gorgeous Purple-ious pages that serve up dishes filled with beautifully crafted ArtWorks.
Haruno's Web Page "HOPE," has some simply Beautiful ArtWorks (in Japanese only!)
Ko-Cha's Tea Room, with Cute & Magikal Anime style ArtWorks (in Japanese only!)
Arlene's beautifully drawn Mangas. (in both English and Japanese)
Kayano has so many Beautifully ArtWorks. They're all so Cute!! (in both English and Japanese)
Josa's original 300 page continuing Fantasy Saga. So many's overwhelming. hehe!! ^^
Rei's lovely ArtWorks, truly worth a visit!! ^_~ (BTW, the C.R.A.P. = Cloned Rei's Art Pages)
Charles Park has such a nice style in drawing Anime / Manga characters. Check it out for yerself. ^^
Anne's wonderful HP filled with Original & Fan Art, plus she writes her own FanFics & Poetry too! Kool!
Meredith's little homepage, she has a really nice way of painting Anime characters 'n' drawing B/W Mangas.
Fukirie 'n' Imashiro's homepage, some very Beautiful 'n' Cute CGs. Tis worth a visit! ^^ (in Japanese only!)
Faerie's nicely done B/W HP, a good Artist, plus she's the GateKeeper of the Anime Art Goddess WebRing! ^^
Minmei's lovely Anime Art Site. ^^
Sonny's beautiful drawn ArtWorks done in Color Pencils. WOW!! I could learn alot from this Guy. A must Visit!!
Akane's lovly HP, filled with original paintings 'n' videogame fanarts.
Every's Art Folder, with beautiful Original 'n' Fan ArtWorks.
How to do Thingys:  
Learning to draw Anime & Manga style.
Learning to write for Comixs.
  Draw a part of a Manga (Comix).
Cute Anime Stuff:  
Emi-Clock (a Very Cute Analog Clock)
Anime Style Dolls (an ArtForm itself)
Build Your Own World:  
Make / Play a RPG Game.