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Last Updated: 31.Dec.98

(Forged into the CyberUniverse 09.Sep.98)
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Welcome one and all, to SpottedTiger's Mystical Lands just below the deep blue clouds, where her small Asian Village in Japan lays safely tucked away in a colorful valley filled with grassy fields mixed with a zillion variety of bright flowers. With fragrances dancing in the soft gentle breezes as the wind stirs across the its landscape. Surrounded on all sides by pyramid-shaped mountains, dense rain forests, and populated with countless sparkling clear-blue waterfalls that pummel, day and night into festive lakes bubbling with life. As birds flock by the score from the neighborly skies, just to rest upon its glittering peaceful waves, while the landbound four-legged creatures gather from the nearby woodlands to roam about its shores. All seeking to drink its life reviving fluid. Rest oh weary wanderer, drink the refreshing clear waters, breath in the fresh air, laid your head upon the soft green grass, and relax from the troubling world from which you've arrived from. Your Long Journey is at an End! *HugZ*

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