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* MAG *

[Apr '99 entry] "Tsukiko: PowerDoll," Ryuuen's mascot "Tsukiko" from Purple Pudding Productions, tis my very first CG using PaintShop Pro v4.12...but because it turned out so large I had to compress the JPG a lot!! ^^;; Worst yet, I didn't even get one vote from anyone...^^;; (CG / scanned Pencil / Black Marker)
[May '99 entry] "Thunder Goddess," Punchello's hammer weilding heroine "Raleigh Gunnar." (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
[MAGscot entry] "Candi." My entry into a mascot contest Monthly Anime Gaijin (MAG) was having. (Pencil / Black Marker)
[Jun '99 entry] "Ayan's Diary," Keiiii's lovely Twin Sister 'n' Brother characters (Ayan 'n' Yuushin) from her online manga called "El Enigma." c.o.z.y.p.a.p.e.r.. (Pencil / Black Marker)
[Jul '99 entry] "Reah the Angel, Lena Inverse the Thief," Shigeru Aoba's character "Reah D'Avignon." SHIG's Homepage. (Color Pencils / Black Marker, some CG effects)
[Aug '99 entry] "Josei the Unicorn," K's Magikal Unicorn Girl who in human form has blue eyes and golden blond hair, but in unicorn form her appearance changes a bit with blue / gray eyes, light blue hair, and bright yellow skin. Poco A Poco. (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
[Aug '99 new MAGscot entry] "Candi teases BOB." *Candi Sighs* "Poor 'BOB,' it must be really hard being a Two Dimensional character living in a Three Dimensional World!" ^^. (Color Pencils / Black Marker)