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* ArtWorks 1999 *

"Power of Love," even the forces of the Wind, Fire, 'n' Water can not hold back its Light! ^^ (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
"Newborn Angel" If you look deep into the clear night Sky 'n' see a Star brighter than most others...maybe it's the birth of a newborn "Angel!" ^_~ (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
"Dancer of Dreams" Love should create within us all a "Great Joy" that causes our spirit to Dance.^^ (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
"Kingdom of Glass" A CyberKingdom beakons a constant amount of time and imagination from it's Creator inwhich to exist...for is it not build witinin a cystal clear sphere-like glass, that could break at any given moment, if not for your ever-caring watchful Eyes!?! (Color Pencils / Color Pens / Black Marker)
"SpringTime in the Magikal Kingdom" SpottedTiger relaxs in the Sun's warm rays, letting her thoughts dance with the peaceful waves 'n' sway with the wind as it gentlely caresses the brightly colored flower blossoms. Life seems to abound around us everywhere we look...enjoy!! ^^ (Color Pencils / Color Pens / Black Marker)