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* Original ArtWorks 3 *

Miss DragonFly. Kim, Hyung-Hui a daughter of a friend I made while I lived in Korea many years ago. She was such a gifted little artist. ^^ (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
StarFire, a character I created to write Super-Heroine stories about my sister.[^^] (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
A humble Dragon bows, and encirles the couple with his tail for "Good Luck," as they (the Princess and the Knight) revel in a sweet never-ending Kiss. (Pencil / Black Marker)
"A Furious Battle at Sea," as "Mi" (a Korean name that uses the chinese character that means "Beauty") the beautiful Asian Warrioress strikes with her spear to slain a fearful Fire-Breathing Winged Sea Dragon. (Pencil / Black Marker)
"Starry Night" The Night Skys seem more alive when one is in Love. (Pencil / Black Marker)
"Far East Realm of Dreams" Not only does the Sun rise in the East, but the Moon also sets there as well! (Pencil / Black Marker)
'88 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Land of the Morning Calm, a very Beautiful Land filled with Pink Cherry Blossoms. [I should know, I spend two year there...hehe!!] (Pencil / Black Marker)
California Dreaming in a new '89 Ford ThunderBird SC. [P.S. One Lovely California Girl included...hehe!! just kidding ya. Actually she owns the SportsCouple! ^^] (Pencil / Black Marker)
"SpottedTiger vs. Diablo" Tis a drawing I did as an invitation to a friend to join me on [Battle.Net] to kick Diablo's butt. (Pencil / Black Marker)
Mia. One of the many character drawings devoted to my Korean wife Mia ("Mi"). (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
Jazz. I can't remember exactly why I drew this character, except I wanted a Marvel (Comics) Dazzler-like character. Whose personality produces Tons of Pizzazz, and who really luvs Jazz Music!! hehe!! [Punt included.] (Pencil / Black Marker)
Future Waste Land. A Mad Max like future World. (Pencil / Black Marker)