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* Original ArtWorks 2*

Miss Universe. (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
The Wizard opens a Magikal Portal into Mystical Realm, as the young warrioress steps fro to battle a fire breathing Dragon. (Pencil)
"Moon Princess" Raising from the clouds speading Stars as she when. (Pencil)
Deep within the Hot Egyptian desert, the Pharaoh spoken to RA his father. (Pencil)
Goddesses of Magik, both stood among the with the Firely Light Staff and the other with a Book of Magik chats from the Ancients within her hands. Evil Beware!! (Pencil)
Amazon Warrioress' Three. (Pencil)
Galia...sometimes called "Gaia" Mother of the Earth. (Pencil)
"Deborah the Valkyrie" a Warrior maiden who collects the Souls of all the fallen Heros who die in Battle against Evil. (Pencil)
"Amazon" When she's mad...don't mess with her! ^^ (Pencil)
Moon Warrioress. Defender of the Pure Waters of the Moon. (Pencil)
Indian Warrioress. (Pencil)
Glorious Love. Even the Sun's ray must bend to its Beauty! (Pencil)