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* Original ArtWorks 1 *

A drawing of me with my bride "Mi" with some of her friends, dressed in Ancient Korean Wedding clothing. :)) (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
My Amazon character in Diablo, "SpottedTiger" with two of her friends "Poison_Ivy & Gabriel." (Black Marker)
"MagikTiger"other one of my Amazon characters in Diablo. (What a Great game!!) (Black Marker)
"WoodBine"always covered my back in the Hottest Battles against Diablo. (Black Marker / Background created with my CamCorder of leaves in my front yard!)
"Poison_Ivy" a Goddess with a Bow that has Diablo shaking in his Clawed Feet. (Black Marker / Background created with my CamCorder of a flower in my front yard!)
"Night_Flower" defender of Good against Diablo Evil ways. (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
"Native Americans" (Color Pencils / Color Markers / Black Marker)
"Love Marriage" A symbolic drawing...using Egyptian dress with Asian poses...showing both the Male (Sun) & Female (Moon) character. (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
"The West to the East Bridge." (it's a little world after all!!) :)) (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
Miss Universe. Defender of the Universe. (I may decide to do a Manga of my character one day soon.) ^^ What do you Think?!? (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
A drawing I sent to my my wife, some 13 years ago. ^^ (Color Pencils / Black Marker)
A strange idea of a Korean woman kneeing near sunflowers, and a bufferfly. I can't even remember what I was think about at the time. (Color Pencils / Black Marker)