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"You're a Breath of Fresh Air"

by David L. Davis - Autumn ' 96

Once, I lived Life as if I had Died -
for each passing day couldn't distinguish itself from the one previously traveled -
and as the Days turned to Weeks, to Months, and to Years...
An important part of myself laid Dormant (as Death itself) -
The Artist, The Writer,... The Poet!

Then, upon your arrival something changed within me,
as a Spiraling movement of Emotions filled my Life -
when Near you, I soar to Heights that reach out to Heaven
and beyond to touch the Stars -
when Distance, I sink to Depths of Hell itself, as my Heart Burns in Torment-
only with Love that is True...
who can Fathom its overwhelming power over mankind?

Now, with renewed energy I seek my Life once more -
learned to embrace the unbalanced spiral as it swirls with raging winds -
through you, I found the Key to what I've Losted -
through you, I gained new Wisdom into its True Worth...
like clean air that flows into a stale still room when a door is opened after many years -
You've become my, "Breath of Fresh Air!"