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Yearly Jubilee
David L. Davis - Autumn '98

To most upon the Earth, it may be nothing but another boring day -
a day of Dark Dread, maybe even one with many regrets -
a day to brushed hurrily by, as if it hadn't really arrived -
this day that marks the passing of yet another year.

But in Heaven a Great spark of excitement luminances the sky -
as the bustling sounds of a Host of Angels gather round high above in the Clouds -
as harps, flutes, horns are tuned, drums set in place, and voices cleared ready to sing -
this day that marks the Birth of one of GOD's beloved creatures, yet another year passes by.

Take a moment to pause and think, of all the Love you've given and gotten in return -
a day to enjoy the Light of God that lives within your Soul, as your Heavenly Father smiles -
a day richly filled with an energetic Life, as you help and share with others along your way -
this day that marks that "GOD Loves You" as you pray...while yet another year passes by.