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Of Time, Words, & Actions
by David L. Davis - Spring '97

a Year gone by together -
a Year filled with warm Joyfulness when near you -
a Year filled with cold Sadness when distance from you -
but a Year shared, dazzled by Love's Mystery.

a Silence broken partiality with the whispers of our words -
a Silence yet unbroken, as the truth must step froward from your lips -
a Silence that once broken,
will set the orbits of our Souls -
but a Silence that only you can break, when the Time is right.

a Heart captured at the very sight of your Beautiful Soul -
a Heart held within your soft hands (for safekeeping) -
Heart that is constantly expanding its boundarys for you -
but a Heart seeking its place near yours, for LOVE is its guide.

As the Springtime flowers seek the warm embraces of the Sun's Light, I seek to be near you!