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The day I saw a UFO.
David L. Davis - Spring '02

In 1973 my Grandmother and me (I was sixteen at the time) were returning from a wonderful lunch we had together on a beautiful Summer Saturday afternoon to her apartment on the second floor located in St. John's on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. Two tall oaks stood as guardians as we entered and closed the small metal chain-linked gate behind us and continued to follow the concrete sidewalk around to the back of the house toward a stairway that lead up to her apartment. We had walked about halfway to our destination when my Grandmother pointed upward into the clear blue sky dotted with a few white my surprise I saw an unknown object flying with two Air Force fighter jets in an aerobatic dance thousands of feet directly above me. They all circled about as the jets tried to position themselves on either side of the flying object, but the object seemed to turn quicker (as if turning on a dime) and continued to outflank them time and time again no matter which way they turned (it seemed to be playing a game of "Cat and Mouse", and the jets were losing). The object's appearance seemed to be shaped more like a dark silver or gray double-saucer, it moved about freer and so much quicker than the jets without even the slightest sounds (I could clearly hear the roar of the two jets). After what seemed like a minute or two, the object (clearly a UFO in my mind) instantly changed its direction, and in a flash of light...shot skyward without the smallest sound, leaving behind two very bewilder jet pilots would be my guess. It was the most fantastic sight I've ever seen!