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A Special Fairie of the Mushroom Forest
by David L. Davis - Summer '98

Like a Purple Fairie rushing through the Forest continually without rest -
From the Earliest Dawn, till the Deepest Dusk -
Laboring endlessly to help make the World a better place -
And creating "
Joy" just by sharing the "Magik" of your beaming smile! -

But the Mushroom Patch is being altered to which we all Worked and Played -
"Where in all the Forest can one find a Safe mushroom now to even lay your head?" -
And as the land changes and dies, its Magikal Powers slowly disappear -
For twas it not the special creatures of the Forest, that helped it survive?

With Fairie wings of Dark Purple, tips of Light Green...awake!! -
Gather your precious memories round, and grasp your Magik Wand nearby, as you fly toward the sky -
And as you arrive into that new Mushroom Patch you've found feed by a fresh Spring -
Spread sparkles of Joy while rebuilding your Dreams, don't ever forget what has been started,
to keep it Alive!!