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Searching for a friend named "Annie" and finding Poison_Ivy!!

by David L. Davis aka SpottedTiger - Spring '97

A Mystical Portal of Blue swirling mists formed, emerging from its sparkling waves...a tall woman stood motionless cladded with Full Gleaming Body Armor and a Lightning Bow grasped with both hands. Her rich Dark Jet Black Hair flowed in the wind, as her long Ponytail laid over the right ear extended down to her hip, attached near the bottom a bright round crest with three bluish tip feathers which extended from its back, an image of a Fierce White Tiger's face could be seen upon its surface. Just above the White Tiger's Head two large red dots marked her victories over the Demon called "Diablo." Her Eyes of Deep Blue searched about looking for something or someone. Very soon two Adventurers approached, a level 1 Warrior called "Roland," and a level 14 Rogue called "Poison_Ivy" stared in disbelief. "Stranger, how is it that you've entered into our Private Domain? Are you a Hacker or a PK (Player Killer)?," they asked with fear and troubled concern that a level 34 Rogue called "SpottedTiger" had appeared from nowhere, now stood before them. "I come in peace...searching for my friend called Annie aka Poison_Ivy," she voiced quickly as possible to calm the fear-filled pair. "But how have you entered our Private Game called "Poison" without us giving you our password?," they wondered glancing at each other then toward the Tall Amazon who towered near them. For a moment SpottedTiger thought silently at first before answering their inquiry...not revealing that she had first tried "Poison_Ivy," "Annie," and a few other names of friends, before trying the name of the game "Poison" as the password (which worked to her surprise...let this be a lesson, never, ever use the name of your game as its password!!) . "It was a Lucky Guess, that's how I found your password, so do not worry...SpottedTigers are not Hacks or PKs!!," she said boldly and proud. "So there is a whole Clan of SpottedTigers?," they asked seriously. "NO...hehe!!," SpottedTiger laughed so hard she thought she was going to die right then and there!! (Guess I should've typed slower on a typo.) "No...I'm the one and only SpottedTiger, don't worry," she spoke reassuringly. "Sorry, but we are new to Diablo, in fact we just starting playing it on the (Battle Net) today, both agreed in chorus. "But now that I see that the Poison_Ivy I seek named Annie is not here, I will leave if you both wish me to?," the Amazon said with a small trusting grin. "No, no, it would be good if you stayed and helped us along in building our characters!," they both winked as small smiles formed on their faces.

(For at least an hour they fought the Demons of Diablo in Normal Mode upon the first four levels, gathering gold 'n' many other items, till Poison_Ivy left richer and Roland became an level 8 Warrior. Another imporant lesson, always help other characters in their quest again the Dark Lord, Diablo. You just might need their help in return someday!)