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Nearly Swallowed-up by Death!
David L. Davis - Autumn '98

I'd like to share a "True" chapter out of my own personal experience of when I faced "Death." At the time, I was no more than seven or eight years of age, living with my family in a small town called Gillespie in Illinois some 70 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri. It was common during the summer for my family to drive to the nearby "Gillespie Lake," almost every weekend to enjoy the sun and to swim. Unforunately for my two younger brothers, younger sister, and me, none of us actually knew how to really swim...we just thought we could. This one particular day was amazingly cheerful, as the sun beamed with happy streams of light, rained down through the semi-clouded blue skies. High above birds randomly soared freely with the gentle breezes, while below at my feet the cool greenish-blue water invitingly pulled at me as I stood smiling at the sandy shore. Many other families gathered there as well, running about with their laugher filling the summer air, conquering even the sounds of the advancing waves. It was then that I made a fatal mistake, as I wandered away from the crowd to a place my own, entirely where I could hear the waves. Like Sirens from the Greek Mythology calling my name, I walked slowly out into the lake, till the cool water reached up to my neck. I felt no fear though I knew I couldn't swim, afterall I'd be safe as long as the ground remained solidly under my feet. Yet a few more steps froward I ventured out, wanting the moving waves to touch my a moment the ground gave way as I sunk below the waves of the lake. In madness, I stroked with my arms and legs with all my might, seeking to rise above my future grave. Swirls of bubbles formed as the water muffled my cries, just one sudden drop and now I found myself in a grave dilemma with no one aware. Time seemed to speed up, though I still recalled every second as if in slow-motion...twas then that I prayed to "GOD" (whom I always trust) to help me out of this mess. Two times my feet touched the ground as I jumped up for air, but it was getting ever harder, for I seem to be moving farther out, ever deeper. I feared "Death" as I fought it with all my strength, yet within my center...I remained calm. Before my baby-blue eyes, my whole "Life" played itself from the beginning to end (up to that point) in Vibrant Colors and Sounds, everything I ever said or did was relived again. Not a single moment was losted, for every little detail was there locked away in my mind. Then a miracle happen as my feet found the ground, I pushed froward rising my head above the water as I sucked in the air like a rushing flood, even as I coughed out the water trapped deep within my lungs. Tried and weak I fell upon the sandy shore, yet still no one was aware of my nearly drowned state. It was then that I realized that a child-like question I had asked "GOD" had been answered, recalling clearly the words within my mind, "GOD how will you judge us in the last days? And how will we know if we're Saved?" It was a very hard way to learn an important lesson at an early age, but now I know with no doubts that our very minds store every detail of our lives. And when standing before a Living GOD for judgment, we'll have no defense! Only by accepting Jesus, who died for our sins, can we be redeemed, for none will be ready when "Death" gives us a call.