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Music of the Love Reed, could Unite a Family Tree

by David L. Davis - Winter '97

True to your namesake given to you by your Parents -
you are a beautiful "Reed" -
hand-crafted into a woodwind instrument -
to play many Tremendous and Wondrous "Love" Songs -
as you look with Sad Eyes toward the Mainland -
somewhere across the rough Sea.

A Great Dream you have Inherited -
from your GrandFather and Dad -
a Path filled with Pain and Sorrow -
enough to put a flowing River of Tears within one's eye -
of Wasted Years waiting to be United with missing Family Members -
a Time to be reunited under a Single "Family Tree."

Tis the Hope and Prayer this Warrior renders -
with "Love" to a Friend and her Family -
that those in high places Listen carefully -
to the people and the Songs of "Love Reed" (Ai Wei) -
with Open Hearts, let the Music flow sweetly in their ears -
until finally the Walls crumble that surround Taiwan and China -
and you Stand once again United as One Free Country.