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Mia's Poem: Love begets Love
by David L. Davis - Spring '98

From the Mystical Land of the Far East -
you came, leaving Family and Friends -
with a single fresh Cherry Blossom in your hands -
to arrive near by my in this "New World."

Together hand and hand -
we planted a seed of our "Love" gently into the wet soil -
Nurturing our seedling with an overabundance of Sunlight and Water -
Protecting it from the ravages of Life's changing Seasons -
Guarding it from Life's raging Storms.

Till stands Tall and Proud -
its branches stretching far and wide, giving shelter to others -
with "Love" begets "Love" engraved upon its trunk -
each limb reaching out like arms -
each bearing a "Beautiful Pink Cherry Blossom" in their hands!

("Mia, Happy Mother's Day!!")