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"Little Lights of Blue & Pink"

by David L. Davis – Winter ’98

Ever look high...really deep into the clear night sky?
If you look very hard at each and every Star -
you’ll see the flutter of Angels’ Wings -
as they dance around the center in colorful rays of Blue & Pink.
Tis here GOD placed all the Boys & Girls before they arrive!
These"Little Lights" that give us mere-mortals...delight!!

Precious Gems from the Glory of Heaven made into Human Flesh -
Packaged safely to fit within the palms of our hands -
now helpless they Lay, fully depended upon our Loving Care!
Fills us with "AWE", ... as we take a moment to stare -
at this Cute Tiny Bundle of "JOY", that once embodied a Star!

These "Little Lights" that give us mere-mortals...delight!!