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Emily's Words to the World **
by David L. Davis - Autumn '98

As One firmly planted in the Heavens -
Her Eyes affixed upon the Earth above -
Separated - yet always Connected -
As Events unfurled, clothed in all white she did Observe.

Seasons ever changing as if curtains -
Before the window near her Sight -
Watching Society running to and fro -
Searching for the meaning, of what Life is all about.

A Society driven by its fear of Death -
Could tarnish even one's Soul -
Look how Nature embodies this endless cycle of Life and Death -
Why can't Mankind accept - its fate?

A Body safely Hidden -
A Soul untouched from Stains -
A Voice heard only in Letters and Verse -
While she sat silently, continuing to Observe.

** a special poem written to Honor Emily Dickinson,
and to her great Poems that she wrote to the World.

Poetry Archives: Emily Dickinson 1830-1886