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Marsha (13) - Summer '98

My eyes dont see a thing.
Pain thuds inside my head.
The world is cold and black,
and everything is dead.
I see inside myself
and everythings asleep.
My heart has frozen up
forgotten how to beat.

Depression is a Time for Reflection
David L. Davis - Summer '98

With thine Eyes fully refreshed, opened wide -
Step back just alittle to notice the Four Seasons, the Moon, the Sun, and the Sky -
a living World swirling around you with Light and Dark -
What currently seems really Full of Life!

Awaken now thy Soul, release its energy...let it go -
to soothe the coldness of your Broken Heart -
for Love has its own Time Table, which no one knows -
in each person's Life it follows the Beat of a different Drum.