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"Christmas, a Season of Love"

by David L. Davis - Autumn '97

Let the warmth of Day exchange itself with the cold of Night -
as the Stars gather high above like Angels looking down -
their Light shining fro in splendor, bright and true -
through the portals in the hovering Clouds.

Let the sparkling Snow fall richly upon the frozen landscape -
its gentle flakes dancing in the Winter Wind's swirling currents -
till everything, everywhere is covered in Pure White!

Let me relax near the fireplace and feel its warmth -
while watching Nature's Wonders unfold outside my window -
inhaling the scent of the burning logs as they crackle -
mixed with the fragrant of a freshly cut Pine Tree, adored with Lights.

In Silence...Let me recall the Remembrance of all those I Love -
and give thanks for their presence in my Life to the Lord -
praying that he may bless them and their family with happiness -
and to gather his Holy Angels round to protect them always!