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ArtBox with an Autumn Surprise
by David L. Davis - Autumn '98

Logging onto the Net seeking what is exciting 'n' new -
with one click of a finger upon the small rodent's head -
generates a screen dancing with vibrant Living Colors -
while your Beautiful home page Magikally appears.

Flooding the room with a Heavenly Glow of Good Tidings -
that swim before my eyes with a Cute Bunny 'n' Kitty-Kat -
Oh! Oh! least I forget, the Wonderfully Drawn Anime Style Guys ^-~ -
while yet again, I cause your Hit-Counter to Rise!

Arianhrod, it's so Kool that your Site is now exploding beyond 3000 hits!! -
Tis my hope that you'll except this poem as the promised Gift?
For currently I have no scanner, neither at home nor at work -
but one final thingy I like do say just before I leave...
that I wish you the
Greatest 19th Birthday on the 29th of Oct -
and to make the
Best Autumn Wish that you can!!! ^^

PLZ check-out Arianhrod's Black Wing (formerly known as the "Little ArtBox") ^^