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Ari's Renewal
by David L. Davis - Spring '99

Once a much beated path hast made I -
Lied a cold liveless marker that met my eyes -
In eternal silence stillness rested thus.

Then a distance trace of Light did reflect -
A movement of Life which stirred below -
Grew a dark shadow from the once desolate spot.

Tis time again to retrace those steps, anew -
and greet the rebirth of the Angel boldly rising fro -
widely opening both her White and "
Black Wing. "

(P.S. "Ari WELCOME BACK!!!" HugZ!!! ^__^ )

[ =^^= about the ArtWork =^^= ]

"Angel of Order"

Right side: a "White Wing," a "Green Eye," 'n' the "Sun."
(the Light of the Sun brightens the Wing 'n' feeds the green Earth.)

Left side: a "Black Wing," a "Blue Eye," 'n' the "Moon."
(the Light of the Moon darkens the Wing, while dancing on the blue Ocean.)