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Angels have no Armor **
David L. Davis - Autumn ‘96

Remembrance of True Love
Lo, in the Ancient times of Old -
when the Men & Women of Earth meant the Heavenly Angels -
where all that existed within the Universe lived in "Harmony" -
seeking fellowship & sharing their knowledge -
where the building of Armor & Walls were unnecessary!

a Void Filled with True Light
A Glorious Age of "LIGHT" reigned -
when he the Omnipotent being called "
created from the endless void, a Universe filled with "
all that existed, even the Stars danced to his Glory with Light "

Children of Love filled with it’s Light
Upon Earth he did implant his Light into a Man & a Woman -
entrusting into their hands his power Supreme -
that when the Two worked as One -
they would Reflect his Image.. the Image of Love!

a Fall from Oneness (Perfection)
But an Age of Darkness has now emerged -
as the Man & Woman he formed from himself, sought the Image of Themselves -
no longer in Harmony with their Maker -
the Armor of War were forged, walls were build -
as Wars raged against the Heavens itself.

Love Seekers follow the Light
Lo, return the Ancient times of Old -
let the Great Light guide the footsteps of Men & Women -
with open "Hearts" let "Harmony" live once more -
destroy the Armor of War, tear down the needless Walls -
for only as Angels may Mankind rediscover the Light of... "
True Love!"

** the Title was inspired from a song, called "Looking for it (Finding Heaven) by JANN ARDEN