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SpottedTiger's Profile

Name: Gaila Waterfall Love
Alias: SpottedTiger ( or MadaraTora in Japanese )
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Asian jet black with some dark purple highlights
Eyes: Cat-like with deep blue pools
Tattoo: On the right cheek, below the eye… and has a Dot followed by two Tiger Stripes in purple.
Race: Asian-European Amazon of a Japanese origin
Age: 30s in the "Magikal Kingdom of Dreams Realm," after battling and defeating "Diablo," and destroying her Father's evil rule over his kingdom.
Primary Weapon: An Enchanted Bow that can transform any arrows used into Magikal "Ice / Fire / Lightning" arrows to name a few, at will.
Secondary Weapon: Two-handed double-edged Frost Long Sword, which has a Crystal-like appearance.

Background History

During Medieval Asia, her mother "Gaia" was once a proud Queen of a large tribe of Amazons that traded spices and other goods for years with the Japanese islands peacefully, till one day an evil Warlord (now Gaila's father) betrayed Gaia. In which, he took them by surprise during trading one evening, surrounding them with his vast army he was able to conquer them quickly, and as a sign of his great strength in defeating this powerful Amazon tribe, he took Gaia as one of his lesser wives, and made slaves of the remaining women. Over time she became pregnant, and when it was time for childbirth the midwives were instructed to delivery a message to the warlord, only if the child were a "boy." Gaia having giving birth to a girl was then allowed freely to name her daughter, since her master / husband had no interest in his female child… thus she named her, "Gaila" after her own flesh, "Waterfall" focusing upon the sustenance of Nature, and "Love" to guide her spirit toward the Holy ways of the Light.

Many years passed, and the Warlord focused most of his energies in the farther reaches of his kingdom, which allowed Gaia time to train Gaila secretly everyday in the Amazon ways. And when her daughter was old enough to hold a bow steady, she taught her how to hunt for food and how she could use it as a deadly weapon against her enemies...namely targeting her father and his inner circle of evil Commanders and Sorcerers. She also taught her how to use Nature's Magik to enchant her bow and arrows, to heal herself and others, and to call upon Nature's four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Ice for strength and protection.

One day while hunting for a deer as a teen with her mother, Gaila's parent was attacked from behind by a huge White Asian Tiger (very rare) that had red glowing eyes, and was possessed with a dark evil spirit, Gaila quickly leaped upon the animal's back with a enchanted poison knife, and after a lengthy battle, killed it…after which her body was dotted with the possessed Tiger's blood, thus her mother nicknamed her "SpottedTiger." After burying the wildcat's remains, Gaila found some beautiful dark purple flowers and planted them over the grave, and she and her mother prayed that the Tiger might find peace in the after-life. Then when they returned to the Kingdom, Gaila's mother then drew a tattoo on Gaila's right cheek below the eye, with "Dot" to symbolize the Tiger's blood, followed by two "Tiger Stripes" to show that she was the keeper of the White Tiger's fallen spirit, all in purple ink which symbolize the peace offering of purple flowers planted upon the Tiger's grave. Now in the eyes of her mother, she had become an Amazon Warrior with vast responsibilities toward the existing Amazon tribes, and toward the Nature Force.

Soon afterward, news arrived from Europe of a far greater evil force, that threaten all of Mankind and the very existence of Nature itself. Thus, putting aside her current focus on her Father and his army, she left her home quickly in silences upon a quest to seek out and destroy this Dark Evil Demon known as "Diablo."

[ Created on 4th October 2003 - Updated on 12th April 2005 ]