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While walking about this Magikal land, sudden faint sounds attract your attention toward a garden area, totally surrounded by Ancient Japanese' red maple trees entwined with huge green pines, all except for the narrow cross-pathway you now stood. Peering intently though a broken portion in the tree line, at what appeared to your delight as a peaceful pond, its shore encircled by dark-purple Iris flowers and dark stones. Out of shear curiosity, you decide to walk slowly ever nearer, until you recognized the sound of small stones being thrown into the pond. Nearer, and nearer still you continued to walk, until finally coming to a halt beside your lovely host. Glancing down you noticed Gaila (SpottedTiger) sitting upon a light-gray stone bench, seemly unaware of your company. Pausing for a belief moment, you watched her gather a hand-full of pebbles from a huge gray stone bowl, before you decided to speak. "Greetings, tis a very nice place to visit," you softly said, unwilling to arouse her to surprise, but only to make your presences known. Gaila turned normally toward your direction, looking up with a small gentle smile, swiftly moving the dangling hair from her blue eyes with her empty hand. "Greetings to thee as well! Yes I agree - this is a most beautiful place. Since a child, I've sat here often seeking my center, and to express my thoughts. For this pond is but, one of the many eyes that dot the Earth, much like a mortal eyes are like a picture window into their soul, tis a wonderful place to rest, and share thoughts with others that I know."

Imagine if WORDS were but PEBBLES gathered gingerly within my hands -
yet none compared, having the exact same size nor weight -
and as I toss them freely into this tranquil pond -
'SOUNDS' now become 'WAVES' of different magnitudes -
as they expand from their centers -
'HEARING' then would be replaced by 'SIGHT' -
wherein, one would read the message from the cascading patterns -
that the waves have made, -
these are some of the
'RIPPLES' that I have seen from the tossed pebbles in my hand.

"For in a similar way, we mortals read written words upon a clean sheet, through the patterns of characters, each character of its kind used from an alphabet appearing exactly the same. But, do we not size or weight each and every word differently, based upon our given age, gender, social status, cultural background, & etc?"

"Please, take but a moment to read the words my ripples have made." Intrigued with her words, you politely sit down on the light-gray stone bench beside her, as with a sudden wave of her hand the gathered pebbles were released into the pond.

Marriage by David L. Davis - Autumn '96
As GOD / LOVE created the two great bodies of water, the Vast Oceans below and the Boundless Heavens above , and joined them together into a perfection that sustains all to GOD created Marriage for the joining of a Man and a Woman into ONE perfect Body .

a Parting FriendShip by David L. Davis - Winter '98
To have met and losted is far better than to have never met at all! Yet, though your footprints in the Sands of Life will fade in the Winds of Time ...the Memory of our Paths crossing will always remain Alive!

a Birthday Reflection by David L. Davis - Summer '97
Funny is it not, we all seem to reflect upon our past as another year so swiftly passes us by? When young we couldn't wait to become we could drive a car, or to marry, or to build a Life differently from that of our Parents. Promising ourselves that we won't repeat their mistakes...only to discover through the "Hard Knocks Principle " ( HKP ), that mistakes were impossible to avoid! There is no "One map to Life!" Each person must draw it as they travel its numerous Hills & Valleys . But isn't it Wonderful!, that we can gather good advise from Family & Friends , as we make our decisions; thus plotting better paths within this uncharted Life.

the True Value of FriendShip by David L. Davis - Autumn '98
Friendship is the most precious treasure, to which not all will discover...tis the only currency allowed in Heaven, its value far greater than Gold!!

an Unselfish Giver by David L. Davis - Autumn '97
No flame burns brighter or longer, than one that is fueled nearer a pure source. Surely, unselfish deeds shine fro the actions of one with a Heart of Gold!

Set Goals 'n' Stay on Course by David L. Davis - Winter '98
As the Captain of your own Destiny,
guide your ship safely through the storms & rough waters,
never veering far from your intended course.

Keep your Sails high & full with the strongest wind at your back,
travel as far as they will carry you,
before the time arrives that you must drop anchor for new supplies & rest.

Tis time to journey again?...with supplies replenished, pull up the anchor,
drop the sails, turn the rudder into the waves of the High Seas -
letting the bowling winds push your ship toward its destination safely.

Waste not a Single Day! by David L. Davis - Autumn '98
Live each day as though it were your very first, and your very last …for a Day, is too Precious to Waste!! "Enjoy each new day as it's conceived."

What's missed, as we rush about. by David L. Davis - Autumn '98
Driving to work today, I pondered this thought, "What do I see, when I travel to work everyday?" In Spring tis the Green & Yellow leaves I see, flower blossoming with cool breezes, in Summer it's the clear sunny Skys & the heat I notice the most, in Autumn it's the hills all ablaze like fire, as the leaves change yet again, to Red, Yellow, & Orange, then there comes Winter with it's cold freezing chills, snowflakes, and lookout there's ice as well! I guess want I'm trying to say, is to enjoy whatever Season you happen to be in.

Dad's Birthdays now with his Newborn Baby Girl
by David L. Davis - Autumn '98
Just think Daddy, in a couple of years your Cute Little Girl will be blowing out your Birthday candles for you , in a couple of more she'll be making your Wishes for you , and in a few more years still she'll probably be eating most of the cake for you too ( with a touch of ice cream on the side…of course!! . Then when you've become totally reliant upon her to take care of all the drudgery a Birthday brings…she'll no doubt be married by then. And you'll be forced to do it again for yourself, as when you were younger! ( with a touch of ice cream on the side…of course!! )

Encouragement to a parting Christian Brother
by David L. Davis - Autumn '98
Dare to rush in where Wolfs roam …though a Lamb , you have a mighty Lion running along by your side, who'll always watch over and protect you!!

Encouragement to a parting Co-Worker by David L. Davis - Winter '99
Always believe in the " Power of ONE! ,"
ONE GOD the Father created all things,
ONE GOD the Son died on a Cross for our Sins,
ONE GOD the Holy Spirit works throughout all of Creation...
GOD created only ONE Special person like YOU ,
to bring Glory unto himself!

Giving you the ability to Love others and to be obedient to his Will!

Co-Worker parting for a New Job by David L. Davis - Spring '05
A constant fact in Life is,
"Life is full of changes!";
Some we've made,
and others we've no control over.
But what defines our True Character,
is how we've stood up and make the best of them!!