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MKoD - D Programming Language

The D Compiler Install

Basic Newbie Stuff Installing the D Compiler and Linker.

• First click on the following link to the DigitalMars D Site, once there find and it click on the "DMD
D Compiler" menu option on the far left (labeled with a dark blue "1" in the item below). In the right-
hand window, click on the "D for Win32" (Windows '95 thru Windows XP) or "D for x86 Linux" link
(which I won't be covering on this site, since Windows XP is my main working environment). From
here click on both the "D compiler for Win32" and "linker and utilities for Win32" downloading the
zip files to your root directory ("C:\"). From here follow the installation that appears in the image

Downloading the D compiler from the DigitMars Site

• At this point the D compiler and linker have been installed onto your hard drive! :))

Mental Note: When upgrading to a future version of D, you'll have to repent the above instructions,
but because the download page doesn't show the version number of the compiler. You'll have to click
on "D Change Log" menu item (shown in the image marked with the "2") and verify that it's greater
than the version you currently have. If you're not sure, then a good way to double this, is to just click
on Windows' "Start" button, click on the "Run..." then type in "cmd" into the textbox area, press
enter. When the NT/XP command windows appears...type in "C:\dmd\bin\dmd.exe" and hit "enter"
key, from there you'll see the version number displayed.

Checking the installed D version number

• Now with the version number known, it's also a good idea to see if Walter has posted the latest
version shown in the "D Change Log" page (because sometimes there is a small delay between the
"Change Log" date and the date it's really released), which if you click on the "Annoucements" menu
item (marked with the "3" above) and you can double check for an entry that'll always appear in the
same format as "DMD release". Once found, it's safe to download the current version and
install it.

Check the D Annoucements Forum for new releases

Have Fun!
Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.