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MKoD - D Programming Language

D-Sourcery - make a little Magik in D

D Sourcery in the Red-Orbs font.

  • MakeArray template by Eric 'pragma' Anderton
    • D Forum Reference: Here's a shim I rolled to help deal with dynamic array initialization.

  • Boxer (variant) struct / templates by Burton Radons
    • D Forum Reference: A method to passing a value around by boxing it up, and then unbox-ing it again when it's needed.

  • XArrayT template by Andrew Fedoniouk
    • D Forum Reference: D array extenders - Template functions to handle array overlapping slices.

  • RefPtr Class by Regan Heath
    • D Forum Reference: A thread reference counting class.

  • RandomKiss function by Kris
    • D Forum Reference: A pseudo random number generator that's simple to use, fast, and has long cycle lengths; plus it's also used in the Mango library.

  • Attribute Mixins by Derek Parnell
    • D Forum Reference: A starting point for better property implementation (done with mixins).

  • BoxerLite (variant) struct / template by Ben Hinkle
    • D Forum Reference: A super-short variation of std.boxer using structs, and without the numeric casting.
Dyriia Sourceress of D Magik
Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.