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MKoD - D Programming Language

Put things in "Order" before the "Chaos" starts! :))

Basic Newbie Stuff Setting up a directory for the MKoD D examples

Well after installing DMD, there's three ways to install the MKoD examples
(which placed in a different directory than places it's D examples
at dmd\d\samples)...depending if you'd like to install them into a different
directory than what's saved in the MKoD example zipfile. The first approach
is quickest and easiest.

• First, you'll need to download the MKoD examples zipfile: ( 87Kb updated 21.Jan.07 - D v1.0 )

I. Thru unzippping using paths

Just "Extract all the files using file names" (paths).

Unzipping the file

II. Thru Windows' Explorer

Open the "C:\dmd" directory, right-click within the file panel, select "New..."
then "Folder", and rename "New Folder" to "MKoD_ex" pressing the "Enter"
key to create the "MKoD_ex" example directory. From here you can save all
the example code to this directory.

Windows' Explorer

III. Thru Windows Console

Open an NT/XP console window thru the "Start" button then "Run...", type in
"cmd" and click the "Ok" button. Once the Window appears, type in "cd \"
and press the "Enter" key to move to the root directory, follow then by
"cd dmd" and "enter" to move into DMD's directory. Then type in
"MKDir MKoD_ex" and press "Enter" to create the "MKoD_ex" example
directory. From here you can save all your example code to this directory.

Windows Console

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