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MKoD - D Programming Language

30.Dec.2005 / 08.Vrishika.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated / Unittested half the D projects, and some personal thoughts.
Tested a least half the projects against D v0.142 today, and will test the rest soon. But, for the most part D has been very stable from day one when this site opened its doors with D v0.98 back in July 2004, and over that past year and half...I've only had to do minor changes to my code once in a while as a new D compiler was released. Most of the time I just focused mainly on adding new functions, modifying the existing functions for better performance, and/or corrected my own dumb bugs. So in my mind, I truly think D is ready for at least a v1.0 Beta release in 2006, of course that is Walter's call. Myself, I think D which is also known as the Mars compiler, that it would be really kool to have v1.0 released on the up coming Martian New Year (01.Sagittarius.211 using the Darian Martian calendar) on the 21st of January 2006!

Either way, I don't see a need to continue updating this site as much as I was doing every 8 days or so, plus job wise... I need to re-focus my energy and spend more time learning and now that they're in a v2.0 state. It's still my wish to use D in the workplace, but it does need to move to a v1.0 first before I can even suggest it.

P.S. I hope everyone had a most joyous Christmas this year!!

27.Nov.2005 / 04.Scorpius.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the D FAQ.
Two more useful entries added to the "D Programming FAQ" section.

19.Nov.2005 / 24.Tula.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added an entry into the D-Sourcery section.
Updated the D-Sourcery section with Regan Heath's RefPtr, a thread reference counting class which is pretty kool!

Side-note: Well I finish playing Quake IV a few days ago, and Raven has done it again...cause this was such a great game! (I can't help but think, that if Quake IV were written in D, that it would've ran even faster than it did!! :))

07.Nov.2005 / 12.Tula.210 - SpottedTiger

Gone Strogg Hunting!!

Wow!! This is such a fast-pace kick-butt game!! Raven has most definitely shown that they're the masters at expanding and refining id software's game engines, cause Quake IV runs beautifully on my pc...and it's the very bare-bones system with a GeForce 3 Ti 400 64Mb graphic card (plus I changed the games setting, by setting the shadows on, and increasing the screen from 640x480 to 800x600) on a Intel 1.8 Ghz cpu (2.0 Ghz is the minimum).

Play won't be disappointed!

25.Oct.2005 / 28.Libra.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated Diva to v0.38 - D v0.137
A minor maintenance update to Diva to fix some issues caused by changes in the newest D compiler.

16.Oct.2005 / 19.Libra.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a "Web color names" page.
A very small update, I've added a new "Web valid color names" webpage that I thought would be useful to others (I know I'll use it) into the "D Tech References" section.

Sidenote: Here in the States (USA) it's Autumn, and I'm really enjoying the cooler temperatures, the falling multi-colored leaves, and the cool Fall rain showers! :))

08.Oct.2005 / 11.Libra.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Site updated to the W3C HTML v4.01 Transitional standard.
All the webpages are now up to the W3C HTML v4.01 (Transitional) standard, which will help a lot for people using the FireFox, Opera, or Netscape web-browsers viewing this site. Plus I've added a "W3C HTML v4.01" image on the side menu of each page that has a link, that'll revalidate that page at any time, either by me, or by a vistor of the site.

Also I removed both the Phobos and Deimos Library webpages from the site, since both were mainly just a list of the functions in each library. I had originally plan to turn each entry into a hot-link that showed an example of that function, but now a year and a handful of months later I have yet started doing this (maybe, I'll still do this in some future date). Plus since the Deimos Library project hasn't been updated in over a year, which could be, because of the very strange license Arcane Jill placed on it before she disappeared from the D forums. And also since Walter is now creating more up-to-date webpages of the functions found in Phobos with his newly created Ddoc... why make more work for myself. :P

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.