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MKoD - D Programming Language

28.Dec.04 / 12.Taurus.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a couple entries into the D Programming 101 section.
Well, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this year!! Also I pray you all have a fanstatic New Year 2005...I feel it's going to be a very good year for D. We should see a D v1.0 compiler, and at the very least one D book written by Walter and Matthew, plus many more D projects should move into betas / v1.0s. :))

Recently I've added "Objects with Class" entry into the "D Programming 101" section and have fixed the std.loader example to work correctly, which can be found in the "Advance D Tutorials" section.

19.Dec.04 / 03.Taurus.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the whole site to be viewed with FireFox v1.0.
Recently the FireFox v1.0 internet browser was released, and like most TechHeads I just had to check it out. But I soon discovered that nearly all my web-pages had different types of viewing problems. Thus, I decided to do some maintenance to fix web-pages in both MKoD's Art and Programming areas...which was nearly 70 web-pages. WOW-we! Now, I'm really sleeply. So if I missed anything, don't worry ...cause I'm sure I'll find it and fix it tomorrow.

11.Dec.04 / 23.Mesha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated D Financial Functions to v0.2.
Completed four more functions ( db(), mirr(), ispmt() and npv() ) and have added them to "Financial Package" project info / download page, and retested them with the current dmd v0.109. And as before, the source code comes in two favors, one where the functions can be imported into / included into other D code, and a second one that can create a Windows' DLL that's explicitly loaded into (a D created Window's DLL) a D application.

07.Dec.04 / 19.Mesha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated RandomDataXML (XML input files) to v0.3.
I've more than doubled the number of "Male and Female first names," and have also greatly increaced the "Last names" XML input documents for the "Random personnel names and addresses generator" project. I figure, the more data there's to choose from randomly...the better the output test data should become.

03.Dec.04 / 16.Mesha.210 - SpottedTiger

Random Data - Released
Finally after months of writing many sub-projects and such, the "Random personnel names and addresses generator" is finally ready for downloading in the "Make DB test data" project page. Just as the "Atlantean" font above states: "Random Data - Released!" I'm really trilled!!

24.Nov.04 / 07.Mesha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Recompiled and tested all the projects with dmd v0.106.
Decided that since some of the projects hadn't been compiled and tested for around 12 versions of dmd, that it was a good idea to bring all the projects up to the current D compiler v0.106.

Personal Note: Well, I hope everyone in the U.S. of A. has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. We truly have a lot to be thankfully for, may we give GOD thanks for his many blessings!

18.Nov.04 / 01.Mesha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added the RandomDataXML data files for download.
I've decided to go ahead and release the XML data files early (download is on the "Make DB test data" page), these are the files I'll be using in the "Randomly Generated Personnel Data" Project. The D code for the project isn't finished yet, but I'm shooting for a few more weeks or so. Anyway, I thought someone else might find this data useful in their own project (you just never know) it shows that I'm making some real headway, which is always good thing! Catch you on the "flip-side!" :))

10.Nov.04 / 21.Aries.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated DynStrStack.d to v0.2 and added ConvExt.d v0.1.
Created ConvExt.d to fill in the gaps in the current std.conv module, by supply floating-point conversion functions I needed for the "Dynamic String (char[]) Stack Class." You can find the downloads for both DynStrStack.d v0.2 and ConvExt.d v0.1 on the "Support Projects 2" page.

(Please note that the DynStrStack.d v0.2 download does include ConvExt.d v0.1 in the zipped download file.)

05.Nov.04 / 16.Aries.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added DynStrStack.d v0.1 to the site.
Wrote a general "Dynamic String (char[]) Stack Class" to use with my as of yet not ready for prime-time...simple "XML Class," which in-turn I need for my on-going "Generate Random employee-type Data" project. You'll find the new "Stack Class" in the newly added "Support Projects 2" page.

31.Oct.04 / 11.Aries.210 - SpottedTiger

StringW v0.42 Ready
Well, for those of you that can't read the above message written in Bionicle's MataNui language font, it says "StringW.d v0.42 Ready". I've added the last 9 remaining functions missing in StringW.d that std.string.d had, thus StringW.d is now a complete mirror of std.string.d's functions. Many have been rewritten and optional parameters added, while others are mainly Walter's std.string.d functions converted from char[]s to wchar[]s, and yet a handful of others are brand new. Anywayz, I'm hoping that over time I'll understand more and more about Unicode, that I can make this module more Unicode friendly! (Look for the download of StringW.d on the "Support Projects Page.")

Psst! Don't be surprised if I use this and other wonderfully different fonts in future posts. :))

23.Oct.04 / 04.Aries.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a port of the Double-Metaphone Algorithm.
In porting the Soundex function in the last update, I ran across Lawrence Philips' "Double-Metaphone" algorithm (which takes a word and returns one or two phonetic encodings for that word) from the C/C++ Users Journal (CUJ) June 2000 issue, and decided to port it as well. :)) Look for it on the "Basic D Tutorials" page, just below the toSoundex() entry.

On the D front...Walter recently, greatly improved the debugging information that the D compiler creates! Man, the value of getting good debugging info from a program can never be understated. Thanks Walter.

15.Oct.04 / 24.Mina.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added toSoundex() to the site, and updated StringW.d to v0.41.
Wrote a toSoundex() function and added it to the "Basic D Tutorials" page, and well as placing a wchar[] version of it into StringW.d and increased the version to v0.41.

Also it appears that is back I've returned its link back to the side-menu under the D Links area (Guess you could say, "That I jumped the Gun"). O'Happy news!! We ready need more good D sites, cause many of the others ones I've found on the web seem to be somewhat out-dated.

09.Oct.04 / 18.Mina.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars winFileIO.d v0.2 released on the Project Support page.
I've released winFileIO.d v0.2, which started out as a C project a few years ago, with the main purpose of making my programming easiler when writing Windows file operations, by wrapping the Win32 API File I/O functions into simple easy to use functions. And though I've since discovered D and its std.file module, I've still had a very soft spot in my mind to convert my old C project to D. Currently winFileIO.d has enough functions to work with both char[] and wchar[] data files, also I will add more functions over time, and will improve the exisiting one as well. I just hope others besides myself, will find them useful...they aren't intended to replace the std.file, but to just to add yet another tool into a programmer's toolbox to use. Nothing more, nothing less. :))

05.Oct.04 / 14.Mina.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars StringW.d v0.4 updated with 21 toStringW() functions.
A quick update...I've placed the new version of StringW.d v0.4 which is the wide-character (wchar[]) string version of Walter's Phobos std.string module onto the Support Project's Page. This module was created to cut down on the count of cast()s one needs to get things done with wchar[]s. All 21 of the std.string's toString() functions have been added, and many of them reworked, and all were renamed to toStringW(). Also I've added a doFormatW() function to do the conversion job of the float numerical types to a wchar[] string...this function mainly uses Walter's std.format.doFormat() function, and I've added strlenW() as a private function.

02.Oct.04 / 11.Mina.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Re-Compiled and Tested the D Code Examples.
Gathered up the new examples with the older ones and recomplied and retested them all under D v0.102, which can be downloaded from the download page.

Also I did a little site cleanup here and appears that the link is no longer valid, thus it's been removed from the side menu's links. Plus, I've added a few comments in the Support Project Page for the ODBC32 header conversion project, pointing out that the ODBC32.DLL may need the "Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)" install if it isn't already. Did a few other minor cleanups, but nothing else worth mentioning.

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.