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MKoD - D Programming Language

11.Dec.2006 / 10.Rishabha.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated all the project sections to D v0.177.
Well, with the great news just a few weeks ago in which Walter announced that D v1.0 would be released on the 1st of January 2007! WOW! He's currently been very busy stepping on tons of bugs, and making much needed adjustments to the ABI and other areas of the D Language.

So it's no surprise, that some of my code would be broken. So with the "Improved name mangling" changes in D v0.176 and v0.177, and the "Arrays no longer implicitly convert to pointers" change in D v0.177, I've been a bit busy adding tons of cast(char *) to the Win32 API functions...I guess it's a good thing, since to makes it clearer that this is a 'C' like parameter.

18.Oct.2006 / 14.Mesha.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Site Link Maintenance
Updated the link info to Derek Parnell's Bud (DBuild) page to reflect the name change and version increase to v3.04, had to disable my web-links to Ben Hinkle's MinTL and MinWin pages since they appear to no longer exist, and again I had to disable Jeremy Cowgar's DDBI link because of a "404 page not found error." I really hoping that these useful site pages aren't gone, but if they are...I'll have to remove them from the site.

10.Sep.2006 / 04.Aries.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated Diva to v0.40 - D v0.166.
Made some minor correction in the code, fixed a few issues, replaced the import file inrange.d with innumrange.d, and added more unittesting.

23.Aug.2006 / 14.Mina.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added two more entries into the D-Sourcery section - D v0.165.
Looking thru of some of the Kool D code examples (copied on my hard-drive) from some very skilled programmers, I just had to add Ben Hinkle's super-short version (was boxer2.d, but renamed to boxerlite.d) of std.boxer (boxer.d), and Derek Parnell's attribute mixins idea for protecting access to data in classes (attr_mixin.d) to the D-Sourcery section.

27.Jul.2006 / 16.Pisces.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added an entry into the D-Sourcery section - D v0.163.
Recently I ran across a very useful random number generator that Kris had shared with everyone in November 2005 on the D forum, which I found nested on my hard drive. And after a bit of playing around with it, I decided to rename the function from get() to getRandomKiss(), and then wrote an additional function called getRandomKissRange() for returning a number from a set range...then wrote a little example program to test it. You'll find it in the "D-Sourcery" section as the "Random Kiss function" entry.

Also I did a bug fix, and made some minor changes on my own getRandomNumber() function, that I wrote a few years back, which should make it run just a little faster. You'll find it in the "D Programming 101" section as the " example" entry.

Walter, really surprised the heck out of me a few days ago, when he started the thread on the D forum entitled, "Is D v0.163 D v1.0?" I'm sure crossing my fingers that D v1.0 will be out soon, but only time will tell (hopefully within the next few weeks) whether this is really going to happen soon or not.

16.Jul.2006 / 06.Pisces.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the Variant datatype project to v0.58 - D v0.162.
Updated the core logic functions used for the templated std.string functions: cmp(), icmp(), find(), ifind(), rfind(), and irfind() to work even better for the following datatypes: char, wchar, dchar, char[], void[], wchar[], dchar[], and variant. I was having a ton of issues dealing with static arrays / literal strings, but now everything is working fine.

01.Jul.2006 / 17.Kumbha.211 - SpottedTiger

2nd Anniversary of this Site
Dyriia stares out into space where Mars is nested among the stars...and continues to wish for D v1.0 to appear with a shining glow!

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.