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MKoD - D Programming Language

30.Sep.2005 / 03.Libra.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updating Webpages.
Well I finally figured out what to fix in my webpages so I could move the Style Sheet out them all. I've even started playing around a little bit with creating a Ddoc's template for the site, but decided to first correct all the webpages until they're all up to the HTML v4.01 (Transitional) standard...and then to continue the work on the template. In fact this page, and a handful of others have already been corrected.

18.Sep.2005 / 20.Kanya.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated RandomData to v0.25 - D v0.131.
Finally got around to doing some of the performance improvements to the RandomData project (found in the "Make DB test data" section), which I had plan to do so many months ago. Also I've updated many of the remaining other projects with minor changes, recompling and testing them with dmd v0.131.

11.Sep.2005 / 13.Kanya.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated Diva to v0.34 - D v0.131.
Though Diva does a great job of using get() and set() against exact datatypes, I found that it had some serious issues with negative numbers in non-exact get() and set() calls. So to help address this I've created InRange.d, which has a set of functions to handle these type of issues much better, and as a bonus, it comes with better floating-point handling. It may take me a little while to make this area of Diva nearly perfect, but hey!! "I think it still kicks butt to anything else that's currently available for downloading free, in a air-fresh and tightly-sealed zipfile! :)) (Much like a can of Joe (Coffee), only you have to pay for that!). :P

Also updated many of the other projects with minor changes, recompling and testing them with dmd v0.131.

06.Sep.2005 / 08.Kanya.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Diva v0.33 (Dynamically Interconnected Variable Arguments) released! - D v0.130.
Dyriia dishes out an illustration that Diva has ability to handle D's stacked Variadic Functions Parameters.

Well, after more than three attempts over the pass six months, I've finally created some D code in my new Diva (Dynamically Interconnected Variable Arguments) Class that does everything I initially ever wanted for working with D's Variadic Functions Parameters.

In which the Diva Class breaks its methods into five main categories:
1. Memory adjustments: dedicate(), reserve(), squeeze(), and free()
2. Argument content adjustments: prepend(), append(), insert(), remove(), splice(), and copy()
3. Argument value handling: get() and set()
4. Data passing to other functions: getArgType() (same as _arguments) and getArgValue() (same as _argptr)
5. Helper functions: getCapacity(), getUtilized(), getNumberArgs(), gettypeid(), findtype(), counttype(), and gettype()

Enjoy!! :))

17.Aug.2005 / 17.Virgo.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Pointing to a kool Doom 1 remix music link - good D programming music.
The Dark Side of Phobos - Doom 1 Music Remix

Check out the Doom Remix Project's "The Dark Side of Phobos" album of 23 Doom 1 remixes in .MP3s (click on the image above), Martian should ever leave home without them. :P Anyways, I thought I'd share this link, so others might enjoy the hard work these artists have put into this project, plus you gain some really great Martian Rock music to program D aka Mars in too.

See ya'all on the flip-side of Phobos! ;)

13.Aug.2005 / 13.Virgo.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated StringBuffer to v0.11 - D v0.129.
Seeing how, I'm still hard at work on the D code for my next new project, I figured I'd post at least the minor update that I did in the "StringBuffer.d" sub-project code.

31.Jul.2005 / 27.Simha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the FAQ and D-Sourcery sections.
Added six new FAQ entries, and one new entry into the D-Sourcery sections.

26.Jul.2005 / 23.Simha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars MarsDate v0.1 released - D v0.128.
Decided to convert Thomas Gangale's Darian Mars datetime javascript functions into a D module, which turned out to be a bit harder to convert than what I first thought it was going to be. You'll find it in the "Support Projects 2" section below the "DateUtils.d" sub-project that I added recently.

Hopefully someone else beside myself, will enjoy having some fun with this code...:)).

16.Jul.2005 / 13.Simha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars StringBuffer v0.1 released - D v0.128.
If you're like me, there are times when you need to append a ton of information together to display it, or just join lots of substrings together to build a SQL statement before sending off to the SQL server for processing. And to tell the truth I'm not to sure how well D handles allotting memory when it's putting lots of these substring together using the "~" operator, so I decided to create a struct called "StringBuffer" to allot memory once and then to just append my data directly into it. Yes, it sounds simple, but it can be a pretty useful tool. (You'll find it in the "Support Projects 2" section if you want to check it out.)

08.Jul.2005 / 05.Simha.210 - SpottedTiger

DateUtils v0.3 Released
DateUtils v0.3 Released! (You can find it in the "Support Projects 2" section) That now has some very popular Microsoft date functions added to it like: DateDiff(), DateAdd(), DateSerial(), and DatePart(), that are written to use D's module, and have been renamed as the following: getDateDiff(), getDateAdd(), getDateSerial(), and getDatePart(). These functions will be very helpful in expanding the "Financial Package" in the near future with some of the more date-driven financial functions.

01.Jul.2005 / 26.Leo.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Site's 1st Anniversary, and Introducing Dyriia the site's new Mascot.
Dyriia, Sourceress of D Magik

Well, this site has finally reached its 1st Anniversary, and I thought it was time to add a little more "Sugar and Spice" to I've created Dyriia as the mascot, as well as creating the new D-Sourcery page to honor some of the D-Trickery (Magik) done by D-Developers.

In monitoring the site over the past year, it's clear that Google has brought nearly 95% of the 70 to 200 pageviews this site enjoys daily. The other 5% comes from the another D sites, like the main D site Walter's DigitalMars. I'd like to give a special thank you to all who support this site by visiting and downloading stuff. :))

Also, starting with "Financial Package" v0.3 the license has been changed to GPL, and from this move I've been able to added seven more functions to the code: vdb(), xnpv(), xirr(), effect(), nominal(), dollarde() and dollarfr(). And I hope to add even more functions from my new GPL sources, which will enable this code to be more useful to others that'll want to make applications from D in the near future.

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.