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MKoD - D Programming Language

20.Sep.04 / 28.Pisces.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a link, and updated StringW.d to v0.3.
Added Deja's D.Net link to the side menu, and from his posted messages I've read on the D sounds like he's really making some good progress with it. Also I updated the StringW.d file to v0.3 with a few more useful functions.

On the D front, Walter has been very silent the pass 20 days since his message, for everyone to post their top two issues that should be in the D v1.0 release? And if I didn't know better, I would venture to say that he's going to come out with a v1.0 Beta very soon... either in this next update or sometime in the very near future afterwards. Cross your fingers!

04.Sep.04 / 12.Pisces.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars StringW.d ... std.string functions for wchar[]s!!. Yeah Baby!
With my recent project I've been trying to expand my ( bright :)) ) horzions beyond the char[] 8-bit universe, and use "D" to write code that's more useful to the "D" International Community by using wchar[]s. Which just a few short months ago, I had decided to change to "D" as my secondary programming language from "C", because of its fantastically simple use of build-in strings, its minimum need for pointers, and while still retaining the "Full Power of C!!"

But I ran into a bit of a problem using D's Phobos runtime library's std.string with wchar[] character I've spent the better half of two days writing up dupes of my fave std.string functions to use with wchar[]s. I've placed a download of the module I created on the "Support Projects" page...hopefully others will find this code as useful as I'm going to find it to be!! :))

24.Aug.04 / 01.Pisces.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated project progress, and a couple of more examples of D code.
I've finally updated my "Create random employee based test data for a database" project, now that I'm beginning to gain some speed and making some real progress toward this project. Also, I'm very thankful that Walter took the time to put in the ifind() and irfind() functions's always good to have some standard functions in Phobos to work with.

I've added windchill() and "Easter Dates function" examples to the "Basic D Tutorials" page.

16.Aug.04 / 20.Kumbha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a sub-project support page.
Well, I've finally completed converting some headers for Win32 API calls to ODBC32.dll, namely sql.d, sqlext.d, sqltypes.d, and sqlucode.d. I'm sure at this point they aren't perfect, but I hope over time and use, that I will make them perfect... as errors / mistakes are found, I do plan to fix them and update the code dowload link. Also I've added isacc(), a 32-bit general purpose pseudo-random number generator which looked pretty nice onto the "Basic D Tutorials" page.

07.Aug.04 / 12.Kumbha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars DOOM 3 battle on Mars, and the current D aka Mars is at v0.98.
Doom3 - Welcome to Mars.

Well DOOM 3 is finally here!! Yeah, Baby! And it was truly worth the wait...if you're not playing it, you're really missing out on a great game.

Though the version 0.98 seems to suggest that v1.0 is very close and around the corner (and it still may be), expect to see Walter continue into the v0.100 series of numbers. Causes from what I've seem on the D forum, there appears to be a few remaining bugs to be stepped on, plus the Phobos runtime Library is to get some tender-love-and-care just before v1.0's released. But if the eMail I got from Walter recently, about adding code to std.string that I wrote is any indicator...I'd say he's giving it some focus now. So v1.0 could still be just around the corner! :)) So, keep coding, and have fun doing it!

01.Aug.04 / 06.Kumbha.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a D Programming 101 section, and finished converting wincon.d.
Created a new D Programming 101 section starting out with "Loops" and "Conditionals," and I've completed converting the Windows' Console API file wincon.h to wincon.d for use in D along with a couple of Console example programs.

21.Jul.04 / 23.Aquarius.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a Tech References Section.
I tend to like having my hard to find technical data near my finger I've start with a new "Tech References Section" and have added some grid images of datatypes and their ranges for D, VB v6.0, and MS SQL Server 2000 the tools of my trade. So, hopeful others will also find these data grids handy, as well as, the other things I plan to add over time. :))

Corrected some mistakes in "Main_WinAPI.d," where it was loading the DLL just fine, but wasn't calling the functions from the DLL. Sorry about that! Also in the D Projects area, I've released the first version of the Financial Functions Package. Just in case someone might have been waiting around for it. Plus in comes in two versions, one is the normal import the .d file, the other one creates a D DLL that can be used separately from your .exes. Enjoy!

16.Jul.04 / 18.Aquarius.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars "Thanks, for your support!"
I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to check this site out, also I like to give a very special thanks to "J C Calvares" for adding two links to the Wiki4D site that point back this way! :))

Also I've finally decided to go ahead and start the D Financial Package, so I've moved it into it's own page with a list of the Excel Financial Functions I'm planning on putting together.

10.Jul.04 / 12.Aquarius.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars "Welcome!"
Well, I've finally decided to open up a new section to my long time passion..."Programming!" Though I've been programming professionally in MS Visual Basic and Borland "C/C++" for years, I never felt the need to add a section to my site, not with all the other sites on the Web covering these Languages quite well. But, then I found D!! Which reminded me of the time I had longed forgotten about, of when I discovered that Borland's Turbo Pascal had Strings just like Basic did, and I didn't have to deal with tons and tons of "Byte Arrays" to do them...well D has Strings too (Oh! Happy Day!!) in the form of "char[]" build right into the language...which is something I've always wanted in C (I never really cared for the C++ BString Classes and what-not!).

Below is a sample of the type information to be found least for now...later I plan to work on a few projects and place them on this site. The "Light Blue" area will show tested sample code that you can copied and paste it into your editor ( notepad :P ), and below that where will be an "Yellowish" area to show the NT/XP console commandline to compile with, and some sample output from the program running. I'll have to wait and see how helpful this turns out to be. But for now it seem like a pretty Kool idea! :))

* Please forgive me for the "Bare-Bone" feel this site may have starting it out, but I do plan to make it better over time. So hang in there with me. :))

"Hello World!" - code-name Hello.d

// ** Hello.d **
import std.stdio; // needed for writefln()

int main()
    char[] s = "Hello World!";
    writefln( "%s", s );
    return 0;
} // end main()
C:\dmd\MKoD_ex>..\bin\dmd Hello.d
C:\dmd\bin\..\..\dm\bin\link.exe Hello,,,user32+kernel32/noi;

Hello World!

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.