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MKoD - D Programming Language

09.Dec.2007 / 01.Sagittarius.212 - SpottedTiger

Martian New Year 212

According to the Darian Calendar for Mars which this site uses... today starts another "New Year (212)" on the planet Mars!! A lot has happen for the D (Mars) Program Language since the last Martian New Year (211) nearly two Earth years ago. Walter has released D v1.0 (an Earth year ago), tons of headway have been made in crafting/building a pretty strong D v2.0 beta, Phobos D's standard runtime library was moved onto D-Source, and announced today even an upcoming D book written in English (the Japanese have had one out for some time now) by Andrei Alexandrescu and published sometime October 2008.

Now if only we could have a standard IDE and graphic library packaged together with D, my dream language would be so much better...(I could maybe get others to give it a try). :))

27.Jun.2007 / 08.Virgo.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars This week I'd be doing some site cleanup.
Well, its been a few months since I last updated this site (been very busy at work, helping in home fixup projects, and we're even now taking care a mother cat and her four kittens)...this week I really need to focus on some site cleanup.

Also it's pretty amazing the number of changes done in D over these last few months (I've been keeping up on reading the messages placed on the Digital Mars messageboard). Walter has shifted new development of D away from v1.0xx as he should, and now there's a alpha v2.0xx branch created for testing the new language features, such as the const, invariant, and final.

26.Mar.2007 / 01.Karka.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Setting up apps upon my new Windows' Vista Ultimate PC.
WOW! I had forgotten just how much of a pain it can be to reinstall a ton of applications (games included) and such...but on the sunny-side-up it's totally great to have a new more powerful machine! So note to self..."No pain! No gain!" Anyway, D has by far been my easiest of all my apps to setup and run. :P

As it turns out, MS Windows Vista doesn't break compatibly with my current main language / IDE MS Visual Basic v6.0 SP6 (gee, that was very nice of Microsoft), though they did stop support for the .net IDE for 2002 / 2003. But since I've already moved on to MS Visual Studio 2005 (they dropped the confusing .net label...finally) it was kool, though I did have to update VS2005 to SP1, and download a special Vista VS2005 SP1 upgrade (which both together was nearly half a gig of updates). All in all, I'm really beginning to enjoy just taken me a month or so to feel at home in this beautiful OS. After I finally figured out where they hid the commandline, setting for thumbnails, where outlook express was (which is now called Windows Mail), and other such small...but important features I used in WinXP and would've missed dearly.

Well, I still have to reinstall my MS OfficeXP suite, so here's hoping with crossed fingers that I won't have to install yet another nearly half-gig of updates, or to be forced in to buying MS Office 2007. Also I need to load in WinZip, and some of my fave text editors.

24.Feb.2007 / 28.Mithuna.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the Variant datatype project to v0.69 - D v1.007.
Added in the new opAssign operator, static opCalls operators to simulate constructors, uncommented some of the operators mixes that didn't work well in previous versions of the dmd compiler, and I also did some minor bug fixes ( and even some code cleanup :P ).

Currently Walter is working at lightspeed it seems to strengthen D's meta-programming abilities, the past few versions have made major leaps forward...frankly I don't see how the man can do it every seven to ten days.

21.Jan.2007 / 23.Gemini.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated all the projects and examples with D v1.0.
Did test compiles on all the projects and examples with the new D v1.0, of which, only a few needed a couple of correction. Plus updated nearly all the zip download files, but I still need to review every web page on the site and update them as needed.

02.Jan.2007 / 03.Gemini.211 - SpottedTiger

D aka Mars v1.0 arrives!

Happy New Year!! Walter has released D v1.0...get it now, or be square! :P

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.