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MKoD - D Programming Language

04.Jun.2006 / 20.Aquarius.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the MKoD D examples and WinCon zipfiles to D v0.160.
Both the MKoD D examples found in "4. Install MKoD eXps" or the "D/L D Code / Stuff" sections, and the WinCon example D code found within the "Advanced DTutorials" section have been updated and tested with D v0.160.

28.May.2006 / 13.Aquarius.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated all the project sections to D v0.159.
Brought the Random Data, Finanicial, Diva, Variant, Box-Xtras, and the support projects all up to D v0.159. Also removed the link to bobef's akIDE from the "Tools to use with D" section, since it no longer exist.

15.May.2006 / 28.Makara.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the Variant datatype project to v0.57 - D v0.157.
Added variant wrapper functions for 15 of the new std.math functions, plus I'm testing out using templates in some of the std.string functions like: cmp(), icmp(), find(), ifind(), rfind, and irfind().

10.Apr.2006 / 22.Capricornus.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the D Programming FAQ.
Added a couple of useful questions from the D forums that Walter answered.

03.Apr.2006 / 15.Capricornus.211 - SpottedTiger

Tomb Raider Legend Demo is out!

Over the weekend I pulled down and played the "Tomb Raider Legend Demo," and I have to say I was impressed on how well it ran on my now out dated GeForce3 Ti video card. It had a little of everything one would expect in the "Tomb Raider Series: Adventure, Action, and Puzzles." Check it out, the next time you're relaxing and taking a small break from D programming...but not too long! ;)

26.Mar.2006 / 08.Capricornus.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the other project sections to D v0.150.
Brought the Random Data, Finanicial, Diva, Variant, and Box-Xtras projects all up to D v0.150.

22.Mar.2006 / 04.Capricornus.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the "Support Project" sections to D v0.150.
Walter as added tons of changes and new stuff since the beginning of the year into the D compiler! But amazingly the retested "Support Project" section code didn't need any changes done to them.

30.Jan.2006 / 10.Sagittarius.211 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the "Tools to use with D" section.
A couple of the D IDE links need to be updated, a few other as well.

21.Jan.2006 / 01.Sagittarius.211 - SpottedTiger

Martian New Year 211

Well, according to the Darian Calendar for Mars which this site uses... today starts a "New Year" on the planet Mars!! Let's hope to see a D v1.0 compiler before the next Martian new year circles its way back around...which should give Walter almost another two Earth years to put out a version one compiler. :))

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.