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MKoD - D Programming Language

22.Jun.2005 / 17.Leo.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated Box-xtras support section with isBox.d v0.1.
Added isBox.d which a set of isFunc() utility functions for use with the Box container.

17.Jun.2005 / 12.Leo.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the MKoD D Examples to D v0.127.
Re-Zipped all the "MKoD D code examples" after having retested each file by recompiling them with D v0.127. The zip-file can be downloaded from the "D/L D Code / Stuff" section.

Also updated the Variant project to v0.55, where I've incorporated using the isNumeric() function for checking if a string is a valid D numerical string. Also added the ability to have a default value used in the numeric conversion functions (like: v.toInt(), v.toFloat(), and etc.) just in case the string is not numeric, which would normally cause an error. And I rewrote the private convertArray() functions into one template convertArrayT(in T) function...which helps to make this file a little smaller and cleaner (Hey! give that dog a "Bone!!" :)) My very first template ever!!).

10.Jun.2005 / 06.Leo.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Recompiled and retested all the projects with D v0.126.
Since the current D compiler v0.126 had many major changes done to it...I thought it best to test all the projects with it.

04.Jun.2005 / 28.Karka.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a new section called "Box-xtras Support."
The new Box-xtras section was created for any D code that supports the new std.boxer module, that's been a part of the Phobos standard runtime library since D v0.124. Currently it's very small, but has the very useful toNumeric() function in it, which handles converting valid D numerical strings that mirror a numeric literal in format, and returns a Box object that has smallest possible datatype (except for the Complex Floats datatypes for now) for the number found within the converted string.

Also I've updated the Variant project to v0.52 by adding wrappers for std.string's replaceSlice() functions, and I've added a couple of isVariantNumeric() functions that support my new isNumeric() function (that I put in it's own module) that's imported in.

You may see a few changes in graphics (I'm now using my newly created font I call "Red Orbs" for titles and such...which is hand drawn for now) and such as this site moves closer to its 1st Anniversary, which is in the first week of July 2005; which just happens to be pretty close to my birthday too! :) Well, I hope I've increased the interest in D with the content on this site in some small way? I would greatly enjoy hearing from some of you about how this site helped you, please email me at if it's ok, I'd also like to shared any comments made by others as a part of next month 1st Anniversary!!

30.May.2005 / 23.Karka.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the Variant datatype project to v0.5.
As you might be able to tell from the number of updates I've done this month, that the Variant datatype has become my pet-project. I can't explain it, but I'm having too much fun trying out all the possible ways in which to make this (user-defined) datatype truly useful. During this time I've learn a lot more about D's function overloading, operator overloading, variadic-function parameter overloading, and many more wonderful things. To tell the truth, I don't believe I ever would have try this variant project idea in C++.

D is really "Super Fantastic!!"

Version 0.5 corrects a number of minor bugs I've found, adds the toVariantArray(...) function that not only takes a list single items, but also accepts single dimension arrays parameters too, plus I've added in some more std.string wrappers functions. All in all, this version is the most solid to date, and very may not like the idea of a variant, until you've tried it! :))

26.May.2005 / 19.Karka.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the Variant datatype project to v0.41 and updated some links.
The Variant (user defined) datatype project now has std.string wrapper functions, along with some functioning String concatenations, slice operators. Also I've added a set of toVariant() functions for the supported D datatypes, as well as, adding some basic math operators (ie. opAdd(), opSub(), opMul(), opDiv(), and etc.) for char[] to an variant, that now allows "numeric strings" in math formulas.

21.May.2005 / 14.Karka.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the Variant datatype project to v0.3 and tested with D v0.125.
The Variant (user defined) datatype project now has std.math wrapper functions, and an additional seven math functions not currently in std.math; isprime(), isprimepower(), gcd(), factorial(), fib(), gcf(), and lcm() that'll also work with the variant datatype.

17.May.2005 / 10.Karka.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated StringPlus.d to v0.12
Added both >xtoul() (hex string to unsigned long) and ultox() (unsigned long to hex string) functions to StringPlus.d, plus made a correction to the addOrdSuffix() function, and then recomplied and retested with D v0.123. (Which can be found in the "Support Projects 1" section.)

12.May.2005 / 06.Karka.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added the Variant datatype project - D v0.123.
Started working on a variant datatype about a week ago, and have decided that the code is good enough to add it to the site. And I must say, that its been a real learning experience using a struct as a container for a union that maps to different datatypes, then adding in overloading functions for the data input, as well as a series a toDatatype() functions for data extraction, on top of doing "Operator Overloading" too!

You know..."Even, if no one ever uses this thing...I'm having a lot of fun building it!!" :))

05.May.2005 / 27.Cancer.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the MKoD D Examples to D v0.122.
Re-Zipped all the "MKoD D code examples" adding in few new entries, after having retested each and every one by recompiling them with D v0.122. The zip-file can be downloaded from the "D/L D Code / Stuff" section.

Also, a very special thanks to Walter for starting to apply the string to floating-point conversion functions to std.conv that I sent him, currently he has added the toFloat(), toDouble(), and toReal() functions...but I'm hoping he'll add the other six functions (toIfloat(), toIdouble(), toIreal(), toCfloat(), toCdouble() and toCreal()) as he's fixing bugs. Personally, I think he's making some adjustments / solving issues within D to handle floating-points even better, before putting these functions in for general use.

Here's crossing my fingers that, that's the case! :))

24.Apr.2005 / 16.Cancer.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Added a couple more entries into the D Programming 101 section.
Started a new "Win32 API" group in the "D Programming 101" section for simple examples of using Windows' APIs. Currently adding examples for the FindFirstFileA() and GetEnvirnomentStringsA() functions, both of which C code was found on MSDN Online, and then modified for D to answer questions placed in the D.learn forum.

14.Apr.2005 / 06.Cancer.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Recompiled and tested the Financial Package with D v0.120.
With all the changes going on in D v0.120 lately to floating-point like forcing explicit casting between the different complex datatypes and such, I thought it was a good time to recompile the "Financial Package" project. Plus it was due for testing, since the last recomplie was done with D v0.109 in December 2004. WOW! Where does the time go? :))

Also I've added a link to Jeremy Cowgar's D DBI v0.10, a database independent interface for the D programming language to both the "Tools to use with D" and the "D wishlist for 2005" sections.

09.Apr.2005 / 01.Cancer.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the D aka Mars Logos.
I just figured out recently how to use a feature in PaintShop Pro v8.1, to reduce .jpg image file-sizes (cutting them in half) without losing very much for both Color and Black 'n' White versions of the D Logos I create last June 2004. In which I'll put a copy of them here (just right-click on the image, and do a "Save Picture As"), but their main home is in the "D\L D Code \ Stuff" section.

D Mars Logo in Color D Mars Logo in B/W

Plus I've add "Andy's D Page" back to left-side menu, now that he has posted an updated and working link to to his web-site on the D forum. Also I needed to update DynStrStack.d to the current D v0.120, because its depended module ConvExt.d need some fixing up... (please note that ConvExt.d will be pulled for this site, once Walter has added the functions it contains into std.conv within the Phobos D runtime Library).

03.Apr.2005 / 23.Mithuna.210 - SpottedTiger

Mars Updated the D Programming FAQ, yet again. :))
Lately, there's been some very good discussions upon the D forums about licensing issues, and about floating-point literal default values, in which I've added a number of new entries into the FAQ. And also since the FAQ has grown a bit large, I've finally decided to create a table of content (of sort) that's linked to book-markers to make it easier to find answers to questions. I thought about breaking things out into a series of new FAQ web-pages, but after looking it over, there just wasn't enough items to be broken out per section to justify all the extra work I'd have to do. So, maybe in the future when there are too many items in the existing FAQ, then I'd do it.

Also I've added a new link to the side menu for my "D wishlist for 2005" webpage, in which I'll keep updated with links and information as things improve for D moving forward.
Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.