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MKoD - D Programming Language

About Dyriia

Dyriia, Sourceress of D Magik

Dyriia is a true first generation Martian, born on Mars the 1st sol (martian day) of the month of Aries in the mir (martian year) 229 at 2:10am (or on the 15th of July in 2040 at 2:30am UTC Earth datetime), a daughter to one of the famous Terra-former scientist who's continuing work is converting Mars into a more Earth-like world. With mainly focusing on melting the northern polar caps, and with the use of solar-light reflecting orbiting satellites. Currently at twenty-five in Earth years (thirteen in Martian mirs), she has grown to enjoy Earth's history, D programming, and Martian has discover a method to travel back in time through the Earth's World Wide Web to interact with those in chatrooms, emails, and such in realtime. *

* This is a short draft that may change... when I've given it some more thought.

Mars: fourth Rock from the Sun.