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The Core - Fave Art Links thru the Years

s e m p l i c e by Arianhrod Pitas / Blog / CAMA BBS ("Black Wing" and " Little Art Box.")

Fat Cat Ate That by Ryuuen Pitas / Blog ("Purple Pudding Productions.")

peridot / rose rouge by Miva / Minmei Pitas / Blog ("Lazy Dahlia" and "Studio Janai.")

petit pois by Akane Pitas / Blog

Andromeche Evangeline / Lothlorien by Kupi Pitas / Blog ("Fly Away Little Angel.")

Poco Critters / Lothlorien by K ("Poco2 ~ Lacey Blue" and "Poco A Poco")

splash maze by Rei Pitas / Blog ("ivory dice" and "C.R.A.P.")

Shards of Souls / Lothlorien by Nico / Josa ("Josa's Fantasy Central.")

Other - Fave Art Links

BlackCat by Aurore

Blue Wind by inkfish

Crazy SunShine by Afuji

DayDreamer by Julie Dillon

Peeping P! by GOTO-P (in Japanese only!)

SaturnAlice by SaturnAlice Mini-Forum

ShadowScapes / Lothlorien / Wyven's Library by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Studio Kyrn by Meredith Pitas / Blog